If you have come across this post you already know the importance of web videos as part of the marketing mix, and you know you want one. The question is – what kind? After a quick Google search we’re willing to bet you have found a dozen different types of videos and have links to at least as many examples that you like. But they are all a little different. What video will tell your story best?

Why web videos? (the quick version, you’ve already done your research)

You want to make a bold statement in a fast and meaningful way – 69% of users prefer watching an introductory video to reading text! But this does not mean people want to watch a two hour feature on why your company is great and your products are amazing. The completion rate for a 30 second video is close to 90% but drops to around 50% for a 2 minute video. When introducing a concept, hook your viewers quickly. Do a more detailed explanation later.

Now, let’s talk about the different types of web videos that exist (in our own words)
  • Animation. By now you know this is where we specialize. Don’t be afraid when you hear “animation”; it doesn’t mean it has to be a children’s cartoon. An animated video simply means it contains illustrations instead of real people and objects.  Teasers, explainers, or tutorials can all be done with animations and illustrations. Our animated TV commercials for Shanty Creek and app promos for Pixel Press are great examples.
  • Explainer video. What is an explainer video anyway? Explainer videos have been defined as short animated web videos that explain a complex topic in a simple, visual way. They are used by companies and start ups to communicate their message to the online audience. The best use for these is on your website to introduce a new product or concept to your viewers. You can see several examples of explainers we have done including Roost and Glide.
  • Live action. A live action video contains real people in real settings. These work well when you have a phyiscal product you need to show, and are especially great for customer testimonials. This requires actors, sets, lighting, permits, shooting time, props, sound, and expensive equipment in addition to the post-production editing. When done right, these videos are very powerful. We just want you to know what you’re getting into. Take a look at our video for Loose Leaf for an example.
  • Teaser/trailer. This is a short (30-45 second) clip that provides the most important highlights of your product in the shortest message possible. A great example is the Rise Alarm Clock app video we created. The best use for this length of a video is to build some excitement before a product or service launches. You can show it on your website, at tradeshows, to potential customers or investors, or even at the launch party.
  • In depth tutorial. This will provide a fully detailed explanation of a product or service (typically a software product). It will teach the viewer how to use the software in a step by step walkthrough. For example, you can find many WordPress tutorials with a quick Google search and most will be longer than 5 minutes. These are primarily used to educate rather than promote. Let us know if you would like to see examples of tutorial videos we’ve created.
Finally, how do you decide?
  • Think about your goals for the video.
  • Who is your audience, what message are you trying to convey, what are competitors doing?
  • What is your brand?
  • What is your timeline/budget?

We suggest reviewing 3-5 samples that fall within each of the categories mentioned above. Not sure how to find those? Just ask, we can show you examples. Make notes on what you like and don’t like about each. Compare the qualities of the types of videos to the qualities of your brand and product to determine what fits best. Be objective just as you would with all of your other business decisions. Then think about the marketing message and what type of video you think is most suitable. We will do the same and we can compare notes to determine the best fit. An important consideration of course will also be budget and timeline. We can help determine the most appropriate style and length of video once we know what story you want to tell.

Have you decided on the type of video you need? If you are ready to bring your story to life, contact us at hello@bluepicstudios.com.