Don’t worry if you don’t understand the buzz word “explainer” video. An explainer video is simply the best way to explain your company or product. We know it’s scary to try new things, that’s why we walk you through the entire process ahead of time. After reading this, you’ll know exactly what to expect during the project to avoid any surprises.

The Story

Every video we create begins with the story. If you can’t make a compelling story, chances are you aren’t going to have a compelling video. There is a reason your company exists. There was something wrong in the world, and you came up with the solution. There’s a whole group of people you know this solution will help, and you need to tell them. That’s where we begin. We will have an initial meeting to understand the background behind your company, what it stemmed from, the problem you noticed, the solution you came up with, and what makes it a must have for your soon-to-be customers.

We will also talk about your company style. Are you laid back and want to inject some humor into the story or is your audience CEOs that want to get straight to the point? Identifying your audience is a crucial part of the script writing process. We take all of the information you’ve given us and get to work on the script.

Don’t worry, it’s not our way or the highway after this. It’s your company and we understand the importance of your involvement. Within a week we’ll send you our version of the script, with any notes for spots we’re looking for your guidance. Then comes one of the most important steps: your review of the script. That’s because once you give your approval on the script, the video machine gets to work and everything is based off that approved script. That’s not meant to scare you off, but simply state the importance of getting the script finalized before we move forward. Ask us any questions on certain sections of the script, suggest other ways to say things, make sure we have the right call to action at the end. If there is anything you are unsure about, make sure we know it.

The Look

Once the script is approved, we will get to work on the visual style of the video. We will create style frames for a few key points in the video that will show you the direction we are headed. This usually includes character and text treatments if needed. These style frames are used as the basis for the full storyboard which will match up with the script, allowing you to see our vision for the entire video. This process usually takes 1-2 weeks from the approval of the script. Just like the script, we will send you the storyboard to review before moving forward with the project. Again, you tell us what you like, if there’s anything you don’t, and give us the stamp of approval.

The Voice

At the same time as the storyboard development, we will have professionals record a portion of the voiceover. You will help us by telling us your preference (gender, age, Australian accent, etc.). We will hand pick the top auditions and send them to you for review. Once you have chosen a voiceover artist, he or she can record the entire script for us.

The Production

At this point, we should have the fully approved storyboards and the final voiceover track. We will combine these elements and bring your video to life. This process typically takes between 1-2 weeks from storyboard approval. For the first time, you will get to see your explainer video in action. You will also have the opportunity to listen to a few selected music tracks to be added to the video. We will send the video to you for review and we can work through changes before finalizing the video. Once the video is complete, we send the final file to you so you can upload it to your host of choice (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook).

And that’s the explainer video process at Bluepic Studios. If you have any questions about the process, or if you are ready to bring your story to life, contact us at